Sentence Examples

  • Entire litters may still develop parvo even after administering vaccines accordingly because the vaccine can't provide sufficient protection against certain aggressive strains of the parvovirus such as CPV-2c.
  • Your dog will require a parvo booster vaccine when he reaches his first birthday, and subsequent booster vaccines every one to three years thereafter, depending on the veterinarian's advice.
  • Maintaining a clean environment, limiting the puppy's contact with other dogs and maintaining a vaccine schedule can all help prevent a puppy from contracting the parvo virus.
  • Maternal antibodies within the puppy will render the parvo virus ineffective, but the plummeting number of antibodies may not offer sufficient protection against parvo.
  • Puppies should receive their first parvo vaccine between five to eight weeks old using a high antigen-density vaccine, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual.