Sentence Examples

  • Of the works he probably wrote one was a treatise advocating the Madhyamaka views of which he is the reputed founder; another a long and poetical prose work on the stages of the Bodhisattva career; and a third a voluminous commentary on the Mahaprajna-paramita Sutra.
  • We have now also the text of the Prajna Paramita, a later treatise on the Mahayana system, which in time entirely replaced in India the original doctrines.
  • The Christian apologists of the 2nd century, however, found plenty of testimony to their doctrine of the unity of God in the writings of Greek poets and philosophers; it was a commonplace in the revival under the Empire; and among the group of religions embraced under the name Buddhism more than one form must be ranked as monotheistic. The idealist philosophy of the Prajiia Paramita in the system of the " Great Vehicle " declared that " every phenomenon is the manifestation of mind " (Beal, Catena, p. 303).
  • The new literature therefore, which the new movement called forth, was written, and has been preserved, in Sanskrit - its principal books of Dharma, or doctrine, being the following nine: (I) Prajna-paramita; (2) Ganda-vyuha; (3) Dasa-bhumis-vara; (4) Samadhi-raja; (5) Lankavatara; (6) Saddharma-pundarika; ('7) Tathagata-guhyaka; (8) Lalita-vistara; (9) Suvarna-prabhasa.