Sentence Examples

  • If three plates (or three sets of exposures on one plate) are taken at intervals of six months, when the stars in the region have their maximum parallactic displacements, the first and third plates serve to eliminate the proper motion of the star, and the detection of a parallax is easy.
  • The part of the star's apparent Speed displacement, which is due to the solar motion, is gener the Solar ally called the parallactic motion; the rest of its motion.
  • Regarded as a linear velocity, the parallactic motion is the same for all stars, being exactly equal and opposite to the solar motion; but its amount, as measured by the corresponding angular displacement of the star, is inversely proportional to the distance of the star from the earth, and foreshortening causes it to vary as the sine of the angular distance from the apex.
  • If a sufficient number of stars are considered, their peculiar motions will mutually cancel and the parallactic or solar motion can then be derived.
  • The stars have on this theory random peculiar motions in addition to the motion of the drift to which they belong, just as on the older theory the stars have peculiar motions in addition to the solar or parallactic motion shared by all of them.