Sentence Examples

  • If you simply must have an older version of the Papillon, steer clear of anything that seems "too good to be true" (an astoundingly low price qualifies) and wait for it to appear on a reputable seller's list.
  • Papillon 26: This smaller version is perfect for young women who don't require too much room, yet still want enough space to hold the basics, like a wallet, electronic device and small makeup bag.
  • The Papillon handbag is regularly available in two main designs, but very occasionally the label will introduce an updated version as part of a limited edition collection.
  • Watercolor Papillon Frame: Inspired by the popular "painterly" looks that dominated runways in 2008, this style featured a watercolor version of the Monogram print.
  • Papillon 30: Women who need a bit more space may prefer the 30, which offers the same effortless convenience as the 26 - plus some wiggle room.