Sentence Examples

  • It describes his entering Rome on foot, amid the rejoicings of the citizens; his liberality towards his soldiers and to the citizens of Rome, a liberality that was extended even to persons under eleven years of age; his charities for the maintenance of the children of the poor; his remission of succession-duties in cases where the property was small or the heirs members of the testator's family; his establishment of free trade in corn between the various parts of the empire; his abandonment of vexatious and petty prosecutions for "high treason"; his punishment of informers; his abolition of pantomimes; his repairs of public buildings and his extension and embellishment of the Circus Maximus.
  • In 1861 he, his sisters Jessie (1851-1884), Victoria (1853-1894)1894) and Rosina (1858-1894), and Walter Fawdon (Vokes), first as the "Vokes Children" and then as the "Vokes Family," began to perform at music halls and at the pantomimes, and by their agility and humour made the name well known to English and American theatre-goers.
  • In the palace there are various permanent exhibitions, while special exhibitions are held from time to time, also concerts, winter pantomimes and other entertainments.