Sentence Examples

  • He cut her shirt open while it charged and placed the paddles against her chest.
  • The wheels, called naoura, are of the most primitive construction, made of rough branches of trees, with palm leaf paddles, rude clay vessels being slung on the outer edge to catch the water, of which they raise a prodigious amount, only a comparatively small part of which, however, is poured into the aqueducts on top of the dams. These latter are exceedingly picturesque, often consisting of a series of well-built Gothic arches, and give a peculiar character to the scenery; but they are also great impediments to navigation.
  • Sails, paddles, oars and punting-poles are all in use.
  • The head is rather short and rounded; the fore limbs or paddles are small and broad compared with those of most dolphins; and (as in the beluga) a dorsal fin, found in nearly all other members of the group, is wanting.
  • Not freeswimming, none of the prosomatic appendages modified to act as paddles; segments of the mesosoma and metasoma (= opisthosoma) not more than ten in number, distinct or coalesced.