Sentence Examples

  • In addition, the money you save by shopping outlets versus retail could make lesser quality items much more appealing, particularly when you consider many kids outgrow their clothing before they ever wear those clothes out.
  • When it comes to selecting an electric guitar for a child, the hardest part for parents is balancing the need to buy an instrument the child can work with now and the need to buy an instrument that they won't outgrow in a few months.
  • Articles also include tips on choosing quality garments and finding affordable children's clothing, an important aspect of purchasing clothes for children who seem to outgrow their outfits faster than you can purchase them.
  • Since airbrush kits do tend to be pricey no matter how basic you decide to go, you may want to choose one of the less expensive kits and then upgrade later once your business picks up or you "outgrow" your first kit.
  • Some parents determine that buying designer clothes and accessories for their baby or toddler is a ridiculous way to burn money, considering that the child will outgrow these items within a matter of months.