Sentence Examples

  • 29); secondly, organs commonly termed otocysts, on account of their resemblance to the audi tory vesicles of higher After 0.
  • The otocysts are placed on the outer wall of the Sub _ _ _ '`Si.
  • In many Leptomedusae the otocysts are very small, inconspicuous and embedded completely in the tissues; hence they may be easily overlooked in badly-preserved material, and perhaps are present in many cases where they :: r simplest condition of the otocyst is a freely projecting club, a so-called (figs.
  • Gonosome with free medusae or gonophores; the medusae typically with otocysts, sometimes with cordyli or ocelli (figs.
  • - Tropho so m e with stalked hydrothecae; gonosome, free medusae with otocysts and four, rarely six or eight, unbranched radial canals.