Sentence Examples

  • 646) by the lieutenants of the caliph Othman, and was constituted the capital of Khorasan.
  • The reign of the third caliph Othman (644-656) was marked by the beginning of that internal strife which was to ruin Arabia; but the foreign conquests continued.
  • After the murder of Othman, `Ali (656-661) became caliph, but Moawiya, governor of Syria, soon rebelled on the pretext of avenging the death of Othman.
  • Othman was less careful, and allowed a fleet from Africa to help in the conquests of the aevant and Asia Minor.
  • In his appointments to governorships and other offices, as well as in his distribution of spoil, Othman showed a marked preference for the members of his own tribe the Koreish (Quraish) and the members of his own family the Bani Omayya (Umayya).