Sentence Examples

  • Osteogenic sarcoma, or osteosarcoma, is the most common form of bone cancer, accounts for 6 percent of all instances of the disease, and for about 5 percent of all cancers that occur in children.
  • A metastatic osteosarcoma has spread to the lungs, to bones not directly connected to the bone in which the tumor originated, or to other tissues or organs.
  • Because osteosarcoma is so rare, patients should consider undergoing treatment at a major cancer center staffed by specialists familiar with the disease.
  • Cytogenic and molecular genetic studies, which assess the structure and composition of chromosomes and genes, may also be used to diagnose osteosarcoma.
  • A bone that has been broken or exposed to high doses of radiation used to treat other cancers is more likely than other bones to develop osteosarcoma.