Sentence Examples

  • The first great result of recent geogra phical research has been to modify pre-existing ideas of results vestigate the orography of the vast central region represented by in.
  • The orography of the Aldan region is little known; but travellers who journey from the Aldan (tributary of the Lena) to the Amur or to the Sea of Okhotsk have to cross the same plateau and its border-range.
  • 3 See " General Sketch of the Orography of Siberia," with map and " Sketch of the Orography of Minusinsk, &c.," by Prince P. A.
  • The orography of this alpine region is very imperfectly known; but the chains have a predominant direction from south-west to north-east.
  • The orography sketched above explains the great development of the river-systems of Siberia and the uniformity of their course.