Sentence Examples

  • Freycinet's cabinet, he erased the name of the duc d'Aumale from the army list, as part of the republican campaign against the Orleanist and Bonapartist princes.
  • The execution of his father in November 1793 had made him duke of Orleans, and he now became the centre of the intrigues of the Orleanist party.
  • 2 This at least was his own claim and the Orleanist view.
  • In 1866 he was employed at the ministry of war in the preparation of army reorganization schemes, and he published anonymously in the following year L'Armee francaise en 1867, a work inspired with Orleanist sentiment, which ran through ten editions in a few months and reached a twentieth in 1870.
  • Elected a member of the National Assembly in 1871, he zealously supported the Orleanist party.