Sentence Examples

  • In the Novum Organum, after giving a long list of the sources of heat, he says: "From these examples, taken collectively as well as singly, the nature whose limit is heat appears to be motion..
  • It has been called by Whewell at once the Encyclopaedia and the Organum of the 13th century.
  • Yet he would not avow himself a follower of Bacon or indeed of any other teacher: on several occasions he mentions that in order to keep his judgment as unprepossessed as' might be with any of the modern theories of philosophy, till he was "provided of experiments" to help him judge of them, he refrained from any study of the Atomical and the Cartesian systems, and even of the Novum Organum itself, though he admits to "transiently consulting" them about a few particulars.
  • His great work is his Commentarii in Organum Logicum Aristotelis (Bordeaux, 1618); the copy in the British Museum contains a number of highlyeulogistic poems in honour of Balfour, who is described as Graium aemulus acer.
  • In England, the land of Bacon and Locke, the realistic tendency has been more active, and is exhibited in Bacon's Novum organum and De Augmentis scientiarum, as well as to a less degree in the Fourth Book of Locke's Essay.