Sentence Examples

  • 16-5 9), daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the elder, sister of Caligula and mother of Nero, was born at Oppidum Ubiorum on the Rhine, afterwards named in her honour Colonia Agrippinae (mod.
  • See Bulliot, Fouilles de Beuvray; Dechelette, Oppidum de Bibracte; also references s.v.
  • 6-7) who tells us that it was the last oppidum of the Allobroges, and the nearest to the territory of the Helvetii, with which it was connected by a bridge that, for military reasons, he was forced to destroy.
  • The most important is the Nalon or Pravia, which receives the waters of the Caudal, the Trubia and the Narcea, and has a course 1 Servius, in speaking of it as oppidum, must be referring to the post-station.
  • Cologne occupies the site of Oppidum Ubiorum, the chief town of the Ubii, and here in A.D.