Sentence Examples

  • Again, among Siphonales only one family (Vaucheriaceae)has reached the stage of oogamy, although an incipient heterogamy is said to occur in two other families (Codiaceae, Bryoosidaceae).
  • Among Confervales there is no family in which sexual reproduction - isogamy or oogamy - is not known to occur among some of the component species, and as many as four families (Cylindrocapsaceae, Sphaeropleaceae, Oedogoniaceae, Coleochaetaceae) are oogamous.
  • The reproduction of Characeae is characterized by a pronounced oogamy, the reproductive organs being the most highly differentiated among Chlorophyceae.
  • Of the small family of the Tilopteridaceae our knowledge is as yet inadequate, but they probably present the only case of pronounced oogamy among Phaeosporeae.;.They are filamentous forms, exhibiting, however, a tendency to division in more than one plane, even in the vegetative parts.