Sentence Examples

  • In 1425; the Franciscan or Greyfriars' monastery, founded in 1460 by Laurance, first Lord Oliphant, stood on the present Greyfriars' cemetery; the Carmelite or Whitefriars' monastery, founded in 1260, stood west of the town.
  • Kington-Oliphant (Old and Middle English, 1878) regards his work as the definite starting point of the New English which with slight changes was to form the language of the Book of Common Prayer.
  • Hanna's Memoirs (Edinburgh, 4 vols., 1849-1852); there is a good short Life by Mrs Oliphant 1893).
  • When in the winter of1303-1304Edward received the submission of the Scottish nobles, Wallace was expressly excepted from all terms. And after the capture of Stirling Castle and Sir William Oliphant, and the submission of Sir Simon Fraser, he was left alone, but resolute as ever in refusing allegiance to the English king.
  • Among other authors may be noticed Henry James, sen., in Literary Remains; Prof. Masson, Carlyle, Personally and in his Writings; Conway, Thomas Carlyle; Larkin, The Open Secret of Carlyle's Life; Mrs Oliphant in Macmillan's Magazine for April 1881; G.