Sentence Examples

  • It is also very probable that the Tannu-ola Mountains north-east of Ubsa-nor„ and the Khangai Mountains between Ulyasutai and the upper Orkhon, both running W.N.W.
  • On this vast upper terrace even the bottoms of the river valleys are at altitudes of 4200 to 5500 ft., with one single exception - the narrow gorge of the Khua (Khi)-khem, or upper Yenisei; while the highest pass across the Tannu-ola Mountains is 7090 ft., though the others are much lower.
  • In the Khangai, the Tannu-ola, and on the slopes of the border-ridges.
  • Are covered with forests, the Tannu-ola and the Khangai Mountains have woods on their northern faces only, and the Ektagh Altai is quite devoid of woods, even on its northern slope.
  • Coal is known to exist to the southeast of Kobdo, in the Tannu-ola, and in the basin of the Yenisei, but its age is unknown (fresh-water Jurassic ?).