Sentence Examples

  • Many organic compounds of boron are known; thus, from the action of the trichloride on ethyl alcohol or on methyl alcohol, ethyl borate B(OC2H5)3 and methyl borate B(OCH 3) 3 are obtained.
  • SjOgren, Karl den Elfte och Svenska Folket (Stockholm, 1897); S.
  • Och Gothlcindska Resa, p. 217), who first met with this bird on the island of Gottland (July I, 1741), was under the mistaken belief that it was there called Tolk (=interpres).
  • Among his numerous works the following are especially worthy of note: Bidrag till svenska radets historia under medeltiden (Upsala, 1872); Sveriges Historia, 1511 -1611 (Stockholm, 1878); Bidrag till svenska statsrickets historia (Stockholm, 1884-1887); Den svensk-norsk Unionen (Stockholm, 1889-1891), the best book on the Norwego-Swedish Union question from the Swedish point of view; Fjerde Artiklen of Fredstraktaten i Kiel (Stockholm, 1899); Carl Johan och Sveriges yttre politik, 1810-1815 (Stockholm, 1899); Carl XIV.
  • Och Rikets Stdnder, 1840-1841 (Stockholm, 1893).