Sentence Examples

  • There is no evidence that these days were called shabattu, a word which is rendered by umu nuh libbi, " day of rest of the heart," and has been thought to be the origin of Sabbath.
  • This name shabattu was certainly applied to the 15th day of the month, and am nuh libbi could mean "day of rest in the middle," referring to the moon's pause at the full.
  • Yakub's family did not continue long in power; but the Samanid princes who succeeded applied themselves zealously to the same work, and Prince Nuh II., who came to the throne in 365 A.H.
  • Nuh (954-961); Mansur I.
  • In 994 Mahmud was made governor of Khorasan, with the title of Saif addaula (ud-daula) ("Sword of the State") by thee Samanid Nuh II.