Sentence Examples

  • Nuda, was found by Bunge in waste ground about Peking; it was identified by the botanist Lindley with the pilcorn of the old agriculture, and we see from Rogers 1 that it was in cultivation in England in the 13th century.
  • Miller's Squamata and Nuda (1832), are merely new names for de Blainville's Ornithoides and Ichthyoides, though Muller gave far better anatomical characters of the two groups than had previously been put forward.
  • Orders: Nuda, Appendiculata.
  • Orders: Nuda, Allogromidiaceae, Astrorhizidiaceae, Lituolidaceae, Miliolidaceae, Textulidaridaceae, Cheilostomellaceae, Lagenidaceae, Globigerinidaceae, Rotalidaceae, Nurnmulidiaceae.
  • But that Zwingli did not reject the higher religious significance of the Eucharist, and was far from degrading the bread and wine into " nuda et inania symbola," as he was accused of doing, we see from his Fidei ratio ad Carolum Imperatorem (ib.

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