Sentence Examples

  • One of the many merits of the antiquary Lami was his connexion with the Novelle letterarie (1740-1770), founded by him, and after the first two years almost entirely written by him.
  • In 1868 Adamo Rossi published in his Ricerche per le biblioteche di Perugia three "novelle" by Grazzini, from a MS. of the 16th century in the "Comunale" of Perugia: and in 1870 a small collection of those poems which have been left unpublished by previous editors appeared at Poggibonsi, Alcune Poesie inedite.
  • Bandello wrote a number of poems, but his fame rests entirely upon his extensive collection of Novelle, or tales (1 554, 1 573), which have been extremely popular.
  • His style is clear and vigorous, and not unfrequently terse and epigrammatic. He published Quattro Novelle in 1829; Storia d'Italia sotto i Barbari in 1830; Vita di Dante, 1839; Meditazioni Storiche, 1842-1845; Le Speranze d'Italia, 1844; Pensieri sulla Storia d'Italia, 1858; Della Monarchia rappresentativa in Italia (Florence, 1857).