Sentence Examples

  • Syracuse Caltagirone, Noto, Piazza-Armerina.
  • Here, however, the buds are lateral, though produced from a budding may be defective upon one or other of the noto a b FIG.
  • 3 Netum (Noto) and Helorum, both to the S.S.W.
  • In March 1086 Syracuse surrendered, and when in February 1091 Noto yielded the conquest was complete.
  • The archiepiscopal sees (the suffragan sees, if any, being placed after each in brackets) are Catania (Acireale), Messina (Lipari, Nicosia, Patti), Monreale (Caltanissetta, Girgenti), Palermo (Cefalu, Mazara, Trapani), Syracuse (Caltagirone, Noto, Piazza Armerina).