Sentence Examples

  • A large portion of the True Blood audience are fans of the dark vampire Eric Northman, played by actor Alexander Skarsgård, who walks a thin line between villain and hero.
  • At just over one thousand years of age, Eric Northman first appears in the Dead Until Dark when Sookie Stackhouse meets the Sheriff of Area Five at his bar Fangtasia.
  • Fans of the series cheered Alexander Skarsgard's casting as Eric Northman, because the actor more than meets the challenge of the character's description.
  • Like Eric Northman and Tara Thornton, Sam Merlotte's story translated differently from the pages of Charlaine Harris' novel series to the HBO drama.
  • NORMANS, the softened form of the word "Northman," applied first to the people of Scandinavia in general, and afterwards specially to the people of Norway.

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