Sentence Examples

  • On the Swahili coast the south-east monsoon begins in April and the northeast monsoon in November.
  • The prevalent northeast wind cau s es at times a heavy swell on the lake.
  • Zizania aquatica (Tuscarora or Indian rice) is a reed-like grass growing over large areas on banks of streams and lakes in North America and northeast Asia.
  • Southern Albania, again, is almost wholly mountainous, with the exception of the plains of Iannina and Arta; the most noteworthy feature is the rugged range of the Tchika, or Khimara mountains, which skirt the sea-coast from south-west to northeast, terminating in the lofty promontory of Glossa (ancient Acroceraunia).
  • Of Orvieto by road, situated on the northeast bank of the lake of Bolsena.