Sentence Examples

  • This was held at University College London on April 12th 2002, under the joint auspices of our group and the Nordic history group.
  • Space Saver Design: If, like most people, you are concerned about having enough space in your home for exercise equipment, you will be pleased to learn that the Nordic Track Classic Pro uses what is called a space saver design.
  • According to an article in Business Journal in 1997, Nordic Track was sued for using deceptive sales techniques and making misleading claims about the effectiveness of the Pro Skier in helping people lose weight.
  • Maybe there's a tai chi group that meets in the park every Saturday, discounts for swim aerobics at the local gym, yoga at the senior center, or special interest activities, such as Nordic Walking or biking.
  • Whether you are an avid Nordic skier looking for an off-season training plan, or whether you simply want to get into shape, the Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier might be a viable option.