Sentence Examples

  • The overwhelming dominance of iPods in the mp3 player market makes the shop designed to stock your iPod a no-brainer. iTunes is fairly easy to use - though it could be easier - and has a top-notch selection of music.
  • Given that tunics and long tops are often the favorite of plus size women, both for their style and their concealing abilities, it's almost a no-brainer that sweater coats are just as favored.
  • If you don't, you may want to consider buying one because they're easy "no-brainer" shirts to wear when a t-shirt is too casual but a button-up feels a little too stuffy.
  • A no-brainer choice and widely regarded as one of the best games on any system in 2006, Twilight Princess was sold to over 80% of the people who initially bought a Wii.
  • When accessories, eyewear, footwear and watches were added to the growing collection in 1995, it seemed almost a no-brainer that the birth of Roxy Girl followed.