Sentence Examples

  • Of the city of Vladimir by the railway from Moscow to Nizhniy-Novgorod, and on the Klyazma River.
  • Of the town of, Nizhniy-Novgorod, on the Tesha river, at its junction with the Arsha.
  • Nizhniy-Novgorod had at one time two academies, Greek and Slav, and took some part in the literary movement of the end of the 18th century; its theatre also was of some importance in the history of the Russian stage.
  • The situation, however, being in many ways inconvenient, and a conflagration having destroyed the shops at Makaryev, the fair was transferred in 1817 to its present locality at Nizhniy-Novgorod.
  • It is the chief entrepot for grain from the basin of the lower Oka, and carries on an active trade with Moscow and Nizhniy-Novgorod.