Sentence Examples

  • They remained passive throughout the war and the neutrality of the country was respected by both armies.
  • In this body he served in 1789-1796, supported Hamilton's financial measures, Washington's neutrality proclamation and the Jay Treaty, and became one of the recognized leaders of the Federalist party.
  • At the same time the men of Zealand repulsed a French raid from Ath on Ardenburg, and this infraction of the neutrality of the Spanish Netherlands served but to raise up another enemy for Louis.
  • In 1734, however, the opposition was bold enough to denounce his neutrality on the occasion of the war of the Polish Succession, when Stanislaus I.
  • 3 1914, he contended that no proof had been given that the country was in danger; that the conflict could not be confined to the neutrality of Belgium; that the action of Russia was suspicious; that France could not be annihilated; and that, in consequence, Great Britain should remain neutral.