Sentence Examples

  • But when neurons are linked together it is found that nerve impulses will only pass from neuron A to neuron B, and not from neuron B to neuron A; that is, the transmission of the excited state or nervous impulse, although possible in each neuron both up and down its own cell branches, is possible from one nerve cell to another in one direction only.
  • Hence, when cut off from these sources, the nutrition of the neurons of various central mechanisms suffers.
  • In tracing the tonus of neurons to a source, one is always led link by link against the current of nerve force - so to say, "up stream" - to the first beginnings of the chain of neurons in the sensifacient surfaces of the body.
  • Thus the tonus of the motor neurons of the spinal cord is much lessened by rupture of the great afferent root cells which normally play upon them.
  • It had been held that the branches of the g3 Activity end is played upon by other neurons - spinal, cerebral and cerebellar.