Sentence Examples

  • You can install a different operating system on a netbook or dual boot them, so if you are Linux user, it may be hard to find one with a proprietary Linux installed on the computer, but you'll be able to swap the OS out.
  • A small netbook can also be a great gift for taking to class, since the lightweight computers often make it easy to carry the laptop to class, without much sacrificing of features depending on the model you choose.
  • While Linux is primarily used as an operating system on conventional computers and more recently on netbook devices, the OS can also be loaded onto older PlayStation 3 consoles as well.
  • The small size of the netbook makes it an attractive option for a child's first computer, since the smaller screen and keyboard are less likely to be an issue for younger users.
  • Most netbook comparisons include price, memory, hard drive storage, screen type and size, keyboard comfort and ease of typing, processor, USB ports, and battery life.