Sentence Examples

  • Of this singular contract, which is signed, "Robert Logane of Restalrige" and "Jhone Neper, Fear of Merchiston," and is dated July 1594, a facsimile is given in Mark Napier's Memoirs.
  • His usual signature was "Jhone Neper," but in a letter written in 1608, and in all deeds signed after that date, he wrote "Jhone Nepair."
  • The form "Neper" is the oldest, as John, third Napier of Merchiston, so spelt it in the 15th century.
  • Napier frequently signed his name "Jhone Neper, Fear of Merchiston."
  • Neper, Baron of Mercheston, near Edinburgh, and told him, among other discourses, of a new invention in Denmark (by Longomontanus, as 'tis said), to save the tedious multiplication and division in astronomical calculations.

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