Sentence Examples

  • The development begins with a free nauplius stage.
  • - In this division the body is partly covered by a broad shield, united in front with the head; the eyes are sessile, the first antennae are small, the second rudimentary or wanting; of the numerous feet, sometimes sixty-three pairs, exceeding the number of segments to which they are attached, the first pair are more or less unlike the rest, and in the female the eleventh have the epipod and exopod (flabellum and sub-apical lobe of Lankester) modified to form an ovisac. Development begins with a nauplius stage.
  • The development usually begins with a nauplius stage (Sars, 1896, 1900).
  • Only the embryos of Leptodora are known to hatch out in the nauplius stage.
  • By the god Amymone became the mother of Nauplius, the wrecker.

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