Sentence Examples

  • The hoop-petticoat narcissi, sometimes separated as the genus Corbularia, are not more than from 3 to 6 in.
  • Another group, the mock narcissi or star daffodils, with coronets of medium size, includes the fine and numerous varieties of N.
  • The polyanthus or bunch narcissi form another well-marked group, whose peculiarity of producing many flowers on the stem is indicated by the name.
  • There remains another little group, the poet's or pheasant'seye narcissi (N.
  • These pheasant's-eye narcissi, of which there are several well-marked varieties, as radiiflorus, poetarum, recurvus, &c., blossom in succession during April and May, and all do well in the open borders as permanent hardy bulbs.

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