Sentence Examples

  • From that, you can develop the fairy with a backstory, powers, nad where she lives.
  • When the British arbitrator appeared on the scene in the beginning of 1872, though compelled to admit the shah's possession of what has been called " Seistan Proper," he could in fairness insist on the evacuation of Nad Ali, Kala Fath, and all places occupied on the right bank by Persian troops; and furthermore he left to the Afghans both sides of the river Helmund from the dam of Kuhak to its elbow west of Rudbar.
  • In June of that year their forces, led by Prokop the Great - who took the command of the Taborites shortly after Zizka's death in October 1424 - and Sigismund Korybutovic, who had returned to Bohemia, signally defeated the Germans at Aussig (Usti nad Labem).
  • RAUDNITZ (Czech Roudnice nad Labem), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 44 m.
  • AUSSIG (Czech Ousti nad Labesn), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 68 m.