Sentence Examples

  • His chief discoveries were at Xanthus, Pinara, Patara, Tlos, Myra and Olympus.
  • ST NICHOLAS, bishop of Myra, in Lycia, a saint honoured by the Greeks and the Latins on the 6th of December.
  • Myra, one of the most important cities of Lycia, occupied the entrance of the valley of the Andriacus; on the coast between this and the mouth of the Xanthus stood Antiphellus, while in the interior at a short distance were found Phellus, Cyaneae and Candyba.
  • According to Strabo the principal towns in the league were Xanthus, Patara, Pinara, Olympus, Myra and Tlos; each of these had three votes in the general assembly, while the other towns had only two or one.
  • (1901); see also articles XANTHUS, MYRA, PATARA.