Sentence Examples

  • The album was not as large of a success but soon after Christina remade the "Lady Marmalade" single with pop artists Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink for the movie Moulin Rouge.
  • (b) Bivalvia (= Conchae): Mya, Solen, Tellina, Cardium, Mactra, Donax, Venus, Spondylus, Chama, Arca, Ostrea, Anomia, Mytilus, Pinna.
  • Mya; British.
  • Sweden, which adopted the cellular system in 1842, has now cells sufficient for prisoners sentenced to two years and less., There are three principal central prisons, one at Langholm near Stockholm, a second at Malmo and a third at Mya Varfet near Gothenburg.
  • Instead, the soft clam, Mya arenaria, a Lamellibranch not used by English or Norwegian fishermen, though abundant on their shores, is employed as bait by the fishermen to the extent of 14 million bushels per annum, valued at £120,000.