Sentence Examples

  • LoveToKnow Dogs would like to thank Amanda Harper and Muriel Donald for taking time to share their expertise, and we wish them continued success in their work with all their human and animal clients at Living Well, LLC in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Learn about the advantages of this lifestyle from Living Well's wellness and training experts Amanda Harper, LMT and Muriel Donald.
  • The Hospital or Priory of St John was founded in 1100 by Jordan Briset and his wife Muriel, outside the northern wall of London, and the original village of Clerkenwell grew up around the buildings of the knights.
  • Schneider, Flora Carpatorum Centralium (2 vols., Leipzig, 1891); Muriel Dowie, A Girl in the Carpathians (London, 1891); Orohydrographisches Tableau der Karpathen (Vienna, 1886), in six maps of scale 1: 750,000; V.
  • Muriel, Report on the Forests of the Sudan (Cairo, 1901); H.