Sentence Examples

  • Instead of driving to Union Square and wrangling parking, why not save yourself a headache and some gas by taking either BART or MUNI, San Francisco's very convenient public transportation systems?
  • Union Fillmore Dental - Marianna Rexan, DDS - 3003 Fillmore Street, Near Union Street, San Francisco 415-346-9173 on the MUNI line.
  • Leo Arellano, DDS - 3030 Geary Blvd, Between Blake Street and Cook Street, San Francisco 415-752-8311 On the MUNI line.
  • Sakya Muni, the Buddha, came here from Gaya in the 6th century B.C. (from which time some of the remains may date), in order to establish his religion, which shows that the place was even then a great centre.
  • His son and successor Muni tsan-po, being .determined to raise all his subjects to the same level, enacted that there should be no distinction between poor and rich, humble and great.