Sentence Examples

  • The extension to multinomials forms part of the theory of factors (� 51).
  • (v.) When we have to multiply two multinomials arranged according to powers of x, the method of detached coefficients enables us to omit the powers of x during the multiplication.
  • Continuing to develop the successive powers of A+a into multinomials, we find that (A+a)3=A3+3A2a+3Aa2+a3, &c.; each power containing one more term than the preceding power, and the coefficients, when the terms are arranged in descending powers of A, being given by the following table I I ' 'I 2 I 1 3 3 I 4 6 4 I 5 IO to 5 I I x 6 15 20 15 6 &c., where the first line stands for (A+a)°=1.
  • (vi.) It follows that, if two multinomials of the nth degree in x have equal values for more than n values of x, the corresponding coefficients are equal, so that the multinomials are equal for all values of x.
  • (iii.) Another result is that we can equate coefficients of like powers of x in two multinomials obtained from the same expression by different methods of expansion.

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