Sentence Examples

  • If we expand the symbolic expression by the multinomial theorem, and remember that any symbolic product ai 1 a2 2 a3 3 ...
  • A multinomial consisting of two or of three terms is a binomial or a trinomial.
  • Now log (1+�X1 +/22X2+/�3X3 +���) =E log (1+/2aix1+22aix2-1-/23ax3+...) whence, expanding by the exponential and multinomial theorems, a comparison of the coefficients of �n gives (n) (-)v1+v2+v3+..
  • By the exponential and multinomial theorems we obtain the results) 1,r -1 (E7r) !
  • An expression denoting that two or more monomials are to be added or subtracted is a multinomial or polynomial, each of the monomials being a term of it.

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