Sentence Examples

  • The Mozarabic liturgy provides for its eucharistic use on Sundays and festivals.
  • In the rite of death-bed penance given in the old Mozarabic Christian ritual of Spain, ashes were poured over the sick man.
  • In the course of the 12th and 13th centuries the number of such documents increased very rapidly; that of Toledo especially, granted to the Mozarabic population in 1 101, but greatly enlarged and extended by Alphonso VII.
  • He also drew Spain nearer to the papacy, and it was his decision which established the Roman ritual in place of the old missal of Saint Isidore - the so - called Mozarabic. On the other hand he was very open to Arabic influence.
  • So complete was the intellectual triumph of the Moors that an intermediate " Mozarabic " population arose, Portuguese in blood, Christian in religion, but Arab in language and manners.