Sentence Examples

  • The embarrassed financial condition in which Gregory left the States of the Church makes it doubtful how far his lavish expenditure in architectural and engineering works, and his magnificent patronage of learning in the hands of Mai, Mezzofanti, Gaetano, Moroni and others, were for the real benefit of his subjects.
  • - La Gerarchia cattolica, an annual director y published at Rome; Lunadoro, Relazione della torte di Roma (Rome, 1765); Moroni, Dizionario di erudizione, under the various headings; Card.
  • 1480) affords an instructive survey of his work, which connects the Paduan school with the Venetian, here particularly well represented by works of Paolo Veronese, Paris Bordone, Gentile Bellini, Cima da Conegliano, Bonifazio, Moroni and Carpaccio.
  • Moroni," Dizionario di erudizione (1847); N.
  • Moroni (1885); M.