Sentence Examples

  • It arose from the fact that as early as May 1887 the German physicians recognized the presence of cancer in the throat, but Sir Morell Mackenzie, the English specialist who was also consulted, disputed the correctness of this diagnosis, and advised that the operation for removal of the larynx, which they had recommended, should not be undertaken.
  • (Berlin, 1888), and Morell Mackenzie, The Fatal Illness of Frederick the Noble (1888).
  • The editio princeps is that of Turnebus (Paris, 1 553); it was followed by that of Morell, with Latin translation by Petavius (1612; greatly enlarged and improved, 1633; reprinted, inaccurately, by Migne, 1859).
  • Morell under the title of Contributions to Mental Philosophy (1860).

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