Sentence Examples

  • Calicut is of considerable antiquity; and about the 7th century it had its population largely increased by the immigration of the Moplahs, a fanatical race of Mahommedans from Arabia, who entered enthusiastically into commercial life.
  • The Moplahs, who number upwards of a million, are believed to be descended from Arab immigrants, who landed on the western coast of India in the 3rd century after the Hegira.
  • But the two peculiar races of the south are the Moplahs and the Labbays, both of which are seated along the coast and follow a seafaring life.
  • The Moplahs of Malabar are notorious for repeated outbreaks of bloody fanaticism.
  • Pocket Book 1908 gives the following particulars: Mahommedans (Pathans of the frontier tribes, Hazaras Baluchis, Moplahs, Punjabi Mahommedans, &c.), 350 infantry companies, 76 squadrons (35% of the army).