Sentence Examples

  • Marcionites and Montanists had also worked in the field.
  • Customary to fast during Holy Week; and earlier still the Montanists boasted that they observed a two weeks' fast instead of one.
  • The fact is that the Montanists represented the conservatism of their day, and even now the Roman Church admits the right of laymen to baptize when a priest cannot be had.
  • ASCITANS (or Ascitae; from avrcos, the Greek for a wine-skin), a peculiar sect of 2nd-century Christians (Montanists), who introduced the practice of dancing round a wine-skin at their meetings.
  • If it was desired to get rid of these, an effort was made to impute to them some deviation from the rule of faith; and under this pretext the church freed herself from the Montanists and the Monarchians.