Sentence Examples

  • Iodine combines with chlorine to form iodine monochloride, IC1, which may be obtained by passing dry chlorine over dry iodine until the iodine is completely liquefied, or according to R.
  • It crystallizes in long yellow needles and decomposes readily on heating into the monochloride and chlorine.
  • Although hypoiodous acid is not known, it is extremely probable that on adding iodine or iodine monochloride to a dilute solution of a caustic alkali, hypoiodites are formed, the solution obtained having a characteristic smell of iodoform, and being of a pale yellow colour.
  • Thallic chloride, T1C1 3, is obtained by treating the monochloride with chlorine under water; evaporation in a vacuum gives colourless deliquescent crystals of T1C1,.H20.
  • In a hydrated form it is obtained by the reduction of vanadyl monochloride, Voci, with sodium amalgam, being precipitated from the liquid by the addition of ammonia (Locke and Edwards, Zeit.