Sentence Examples

  • This collection, which has been widely read, is a pendant to the Historia Lausiaca of Palladius and the monkish tales of Sozomen.
  • The humanistic influence was sufficiently strong to save him from wrecking his life in monkish mortification, and even to keep him for a time on the side of the party of progress.
  • We consecrate ourselves either in a ritual act, as of baptism or ordination, vows or monkish initiation; or, without any implication of particular ceremonies, a man is said to consecrate himself to good works or learning.
  • Patriarchs and bishops, have taken monkish vows and worn the cowl.
  • He fancied that he had to deal with a mere monkish quarrel; at one time he even imagined that a little money would set the difficulty at rest.