Sentence Examples

  • Their national deity was Molech or Milcon.
  • 21 a by " Thou shalt not give any of thy seed to an Aramean woman to make her conceive " is censured, presumably because the prohibition of Molech worship is thereby ignored.
  • 7, always "the Molech"), the name or title of the divinity which the men of Judah in the last ages of the kingdom were wont to propitiate by the sacrifice of their own children.
  • 10, 13 that the worship of Milcom at the shrine set up by Solomon was distinct from Molech worship, and the text should probably therefore be emended to the longer form (so the Septuagint).
  • The phrase employed in speaking of these sacrifices is that of dedication - "to make one's son or daughter pass through (or by means of) fire to (the) Molech" (2 Kings xxiii.