Sentence Examples

  • A grandson of Tuathal's, the famous Conn Cetchathach (" the hundred-fighter "), whose death is placed in the year 177 after a reign of about twenty years, was constantly at war with the Munster ruler Eogan Mor, also called Mog Nuadat, of the race of Eber Find.
  • Mog Nuadat had a son Ailill Aulom who plays a prominent part in the Irish sagas and genealogies, and his sons Eogan, Cian and Cormac Cas, all became the ancestors of wellknown families.
  • The legendary account attributes the subjugation of the various peoples inhabiting Munster to Mog Nuadat, and the pedigrees are invariably traced up to ` his son Ailill Aulom.