Sentence Examples

  • Someone had deliberately mis-marked their return route.
  • But the common law appears, nevertheless, to have treated as a mis demeanour any attempt to effect the destruction of such an infant, though unsuccessful.
  • This is quite a mis take.
  • The heat of controversy is, however, abating, and during the past thirty or forty years both Catholic and Protestant investigators have been vying with one another in adding to our knowledge and in rectifying old mis takes; while an ever-increasing number of writers pledged to neither party are aiding in developing an idea of the scope and nature of the Reformation which differs radically from the traditional one.
  • Again, proceeding down the banks of the Ganges, he diverged eastward to Kamarupa (Assam), and then passed by the great ports of Tamralipti (Tamluk, the mis placed Tamalitis of Ptolemy), and through Or.issa to Kanchipara (Conjeeveram), about 640.